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Calluses and corns are caused over a period of time by repeated pressure or friction on an area of skin. The pressure causes the skin to die and form a hard protective surface. They usually form on the tops, sides and tips of the toes. If they do cause pain, the treatment goal is to remove the pressure or friction that is causing the callus or corn, to give it time to heal. This is done wearing doughnut-shaped pads (such as moleskin) or other protective padding to cushion the callus or corn. Also, the callus or corn can be softened and the dead skin can be removed by using products such as Corn or Callus STICK® removal.

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Visco-GEL® Corn Protectors - Product Image
Visco-GEL® Corn Protectors
Sale Price:$9.95 Reg. Price:$11.95
Felt Corn Protectors - Product Image
Felt Corn Protectors
Sale Price:$9.95 Reg. Price:$11.95
Orthopedic & Skin Care Kit - Product Image
Orthopedic & Skin Care Kit

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Felt Callus Protectors - Product Image
Felt Callus Protectors
Sale Price:$10.95 Reg. Price:$15.95
Corn/Wart Stick Remover - Product Image
Corn/Wart Stick Remover
Sale Price:$12.95 Reg. Price:$16.95
Tea Tree Soaking Crystals - Product Image
Tea Tree Soaking Crystals
Sale Price:$12.95 Reg. Price:$16.95
Pedi-Quick 2 sided Foot File - Product Image
Pedi-Quick 2 sided Foot File
Sale Price:$8.95 Reg. Price:$11.95
Dual-Action Foot File - Product Image
Dual-Action Foot File
Sale Price:$8.95 Reg. Price:$11.95
Pedi-Quick® Salon Pedicure Kit - Product Image
Pedi-Quick® Salon Pedicure Kit
Sale Price:$19.95 Reg. Price:$24.95
Pedi Fix Silk Feet - Product Image
Pedi Fix Silk Feet
Sale Price:$15.95 Reg. Price:$19.95
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