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Heeling Touch Shoe Care Headquarters offers the BEST shoe stretchers in the market, the one used by all Professionals in Shoe Repair industry as well as in all shoe stores. In our store will find Professional stretchers, High heel stretchers, Dasco 2-way stretchers, Vamp raisers, Toe raisers, Toe box lifters, Ball and Ring Bunion stretchers, as well as Western Boot stretchers, Boot instep stretchers, and Mallory heavy duty boot shaft stretchers.

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Shoe Stretcher - Product Image
Shoe Stretcher
Sale Price:$24.99 Reg. Price:$29.95
Two-Way Shoe Stretcher - Product Image
Two-Way Shoe Stretcher
Sale Price:$39.95 Reg. Price:$51.95
Premium Shoe Stretcher - Product Image
Premium Shoe Stretcher
Premium Women's High Heel Stretcher - Product Image
Premium Women's High Heel Stretcher
Sale Price:$38.95 Reg. Price:$41.99
Womens High Heel Stretcher - Product Image
Womens High Heel Stretcher
Sale Price:$29.95 Reg. Price:$32.99
Toe Stretcher - Product Image
Toe Stretcher
Sale Price:$59.95 Reg. Price:$69.95
Vamp (Instep) Stretcher - Product Image
Vamp (Instep) Stretcher
Sale Price:$69.99 Reg. Price:$75.00
Kid's Shoe Stretcher - Product Image
Kid's Shoe Stretcher
Western Boot Stretcher - Product Image
Western Boot Stretcher
Sale Price:$79.95 Reg. Price:$85.00
Vamp Boot Stretcher - Product Image
Vamp Boot Stretcher
Sale Price:$84.95 Reg. Price:$89.00
Mallory Combo Boot Stretcher - Product Image
Mallory Combo Boot Stretcher
Sale Price:$225.00 Reg. Price:$260.00

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Mallory Instep (Vamp) Boot Stretcher - Product Image
Mallory Instep (Vamp) Boot Stretcher
Sale Price:$189.50 Reg. Price:$210.00

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Mallory Toe Boot Stretcher - Product Image
Mallory Toe Boot Stretcher
Sale Price:$179.50 Reg. Price:$190.00

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Bunion Stretcher - Product Image
Bunion Stretcher
Sale Price:$49.99 Reg. Price:$59.00
Shoe Stretch Solution - Product Image
Shoe Stretch Solution
Shoe Stretch Spray - Product Image
Shoe Stretch Spray
Professional Grade Stretch Solution - Product Image
Professional Grade Stretch Solution
Metal Bunion Attachment - Product Image
Metal Bunion Attachment
Sale Price:$7.50 Reg. Price:$8.95

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