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Toe Box Lifter

Do you have a sensitive foot conditions? Hammer Toes If so, this toe box lifter is for you. A Toe Box stretcher will stretch the whole toe area, but if you want a specific spot to be stretch without altering wider the whole toe box a Toe Lifter/Raisers have a special design to do that. Get relief form Hammer Toe or any other foot problem.

  • One size fits all
  • Made of heavy duty metal
  • Built in locking mechanism to allow for proper stretching
  • From the opening, it reaches 4-5 inches into the shoe
  • Will lift up 2 inches.


Note: We highly recommend the use of the Liquid Shoe Stretch with your stretcher sold separately. For how to use this product as part of the stretching process, please refer to the "How To" page.

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