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PediFix has been a leader in developing unique and innovative foot care items in treating foot-related conditions or ailments, such as Achilles' Tendonitis, ankle sprains, neuromas, Athlete's foot, arch pain, blisters, heel spurs, callus, corns, crooked toes, dry skin, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, ingrown toenails, and more. PediFix products treat the all parts of the foot ankle, toes, heels, arch, ball of foot, and midfoot as well as conditions of the foot, including bunions, corns, callus, sensitive feet, fungus, and warts. Feel comfortable in your feet and prevent future foot issues by using PediFix products today!. On our website, you'll find a wide variety of  innovative foot care items in treating foot-related conditions.  Available under the category Health Products:

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PediFix Ball Of Foot Cushion - Product Image

PediFix Ball Of Foot Cushion

Sale Price:$9.95 Reg. Price:$12.00
Arch Bandage(TM) - Product Image

Arch Bandage(TM)

Sale Price:$14.95 Reg. Price:$19.00
Arch Brace - Product Image

Arch Brace

Sale Price:$18.95 Reg. Price:$25.95
Deep Healing Foot Cream - Product Image

Deep Healing Foot Cream

Sale Price:$12.95 Reg. Price:$16.95
 Mango Magic(TM) Foot Lotion - Product Image

Mango Magic(TM) Foot Lotion

Sale Price:$12.94 Reg. Price:$16.95
Sea & sand Exfoliating Scrub - Product Image

Sea & sand Exfoliating Scrub

Sale Price:$9.95 Reg. Price:$12.95
Get Ultimate Bootis and Gloves - Product Image

Get Ultimate Bootis and Gloves

Sale Price:$29.95 Reg. Price:$39.95
Pedifix Moleskin Protective Padding - Product Image

Pedifix Moleskin Protective Padding

Sale Price:$18.95 Reg. Price:$21.95
Tea Tree Funga Soap - Product Image

Tea Tree Funga Soap

Sale Price:$12.95 Reg. Price:$16.95
Diabetic Defense(TM) Daily Therapy Foot Wash - Product Image

Diabetic Defense(TM) Daily Therapy Foot Wash

Sale Price:$14.95 Reg. Price:$18.95
Spenco Gel Cushion - Product Image

Spenco Gel Cushion

Fresh Feet - Product Image

Fresh Feet

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