How to Care For Leather Shoes

Taking care of leather shoes is not just about making your shoes look good, it’s also about preserving them. In the case of more expensive shoes or collectibles, taking proper care of them can be seen as though you’re protecting your investment. Keeping your leather shoes in great shape will remove the need to buy new shoes for every occasion and this – naturally – is one way of thinking green.

Keep shoes in shape longer with these easy steps.

  • Spray new shoes with a waterproof protector. It will keep the surface from getting marred if they do get wet in the rain.
  • Add taps and half-soles saver to the bottoms. A shoe repairman can do this, and the reinforcements will add many years to the life of your shoes.
  • Alternate pairs. You want your shoes to have time to breathe between wearings. Also, let shoes dry for several hours before putting them in the dank recesses of your closet.
  • Clean the insides. This is especially important if odor is a problem. Swab them with alcohol or a drop of tea tree oil, an antifungal agent. Take care not to splash to avoid staining the leather.
  • Wear hose or sock liners. This will protects against perspiration, which erodes insoles.
  • Use cedar shoe trees. They help retain the shoe’s shape. Use forms made of cedar for the pair worn that day to absorb moisture. Plastic trees are fine for your other shoes.
  • Polish leather. The salt in sweat dries out leather over time; polishing regularly keeps it supple. and maintain shine.
  • Water and Stain Proof. Suede and nubuck shoes use a soft bristled brush to lightly lift away dirt.
  • Shoe Horn. Always remember to use a shoehorn for putting on your shoes, no matter how unnecessary it might feel.
  • Dry Leather tends to shrink and get hard if it gets wet. Be gentle with your shoes and do your best to keep them dry. If your leather shoes do get wet, let them dry naturally.
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