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Adjust-A-Hee Lift

Balances leg-length discrepancies and helps relieve heel spur pain, Achilles' tendonitis and related conditions.

  • Compensates for differences in leg length that can cause biomechanical problems
  • Relieves Achilles' tendonitis, calf strain
  • Helps ease foot, knee, hip and back pain
  • 3/8" thickness with removable 1/8" layers to adjust height
  • Soft, durable rubber construction, suede leather top, interchangeable for Left or Right Foot


Place in shoe with shorter leg or calf strain. Position with the leather side facing upward and the rounded end positioned snugly against the back of the heel. Test for comfort. Reposition cushion as needed. If the cushion is too high for your specific condition, reduce by peeling off one or two of its 1/8"-thick bottom layers.

Price:   $9.95 
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